"Let Art Hang"          



  • oils on canvas
  • watercolors, pastels, lithographs
  • pencil sketches, drawings, serigraphs
  • newspaper articles
  • family photos, letters, announcements
  • certificates, diplomas
  • tapestries, needlework
  • posters, maps, stamps
  • puzzles, money, licenses
  • musical mementos, sports jerseys, balls, bats etc.
  • artifacts
  • baby items, wedding items
  • prizes / awards
  • custom mirrors and shadow boxes.

The Art Lounge uses the highest quality materials to ensure your artwork will be kept in the best condition for years to come. We offer:

  • Thousands of moulding choices from all over the world
  • Acid free matting, Including Fabric Wrapped and 8ply.
  • Over 5 different types of glass
  • Museum mounting options.

A computerized pricing system allows quick and easy combinations of moulding, mats and glazing. Staying within your budget is easy and fun!



Many have described this space as being relaxed, casual, and fun.  The gallery is a place not only for the art to "hang," but you'll yourself wanting to "hang" and check out all the great art.  

The art featured in the gallery is generally by local artist and a few national.  We carry nearly any type of medium, and we also carry high quality pieces that can fit anyone's lifestyle.

Operating on a low commission basis, The Art Lounge allows the artist to sell high quality work at a low cost. Monthly shows and events helps promote our vision of creating a thriving community of artists and enrich the lives of art lovers of all ages. Our artists here have proven their dedication to the community by consistently producing high quality work on a basis regular enough so that things are always changing here.

 "The Art Lounge has created a gallery atmosphere that is as equally alive as it's artwork." - Kristi Ward


The Art Lounge is not just a place for art and framing.  The calendar is always full of fun events, such as:

  • workshops featuring local artists
  • weekend art sales featuring our local artists in April and September
  • monthly art shows
  • art-o-mat art vending machine

Check the calendar for more details on all these exciting events.

We have convenient parking, relaxed personalized service, competitive pricing and a lifetime guarantee that you will be happy with our workmanship.

"The Art Lounge"